Sunday, 22 September 2013

Irregular Verbs in English Beginning With T and W

Hooray! This is the final grammar test in the series abut irregulars verbs in the English language! From the title (click it to see, solve, share and download PDF for printing) you can see that this one is about the end of the alphabet: Irregular Verbs in English Beginning With T and W 

Currently, we have nine more quizzes about irregular verbs. If you're more interested to solve them in a text, try the the Past Tense listing.

And don't forget: you can create your own grammar tests!

Make and Share Your Grammar Tests

Jotpub allows creation of grammar tests and sharing them online (or in print/PDF) with other users. This is all for free.
Once your grammar test is saved and created, test is yourself: you have to do this in order to verify that your answers match your questions (that there are no mistakes). If you notice an errors, just edit the test. Do this by going to About and then clicking on Edit this test (only authors and editors can modify). So, after you solve the error-free test yourself, you are free to distribute it to other language learners. 
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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Irregular Verbs Practice (M-R)

Not all verbs in English form their past form by adding -ed, and such verbs are called irregular. This test lists the most common irregular English verbs, beginning with m and r: Irregular Verbs in English (M - R)

More verbs practice here

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Irregular Verbs Practice, Starting With K & L

Here is another Jotpub test for language practice: Irregular Verbs in English (K - L). It is the fifth test in the past verbs series.

Remember: you can create and distribute your own test (and download them in PDF).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Irregular Verbs Starting With G and H

Here is another practice for verbs in past, this time the ones beginning with letters G and H: Irregular Verbs in English (G - H). This is an easy test.

This is the 4th test in the series about the most common irregular verbs in the English language.

Don't forget: you can download the test in PDF and print it out (look for the link on the page).

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Irregular Verbs Practice (E and F)

Do you know all of the past forms for these twelve verbs in the test Irregular Verbs in English (E and F)? Enter your answers and found out.

This is the third test in the series about the most common irregular verbs in the English language.